1. Dr. Rajinder Prasad, the first president of India and great Freedom Fighter has written in 1935, as under: "Guru Ram Singh believed in the political freedom as part of religion. The organization of the Namdhari became considerably strong. The movement of boycott and Non-cooperation, which Mahatma Gandhi started so vigorously in our times was preached by Guru Ram Singh 50 years as cult for the Namdharis.

Guru Ram Singh Non-cooperation movement contained the following five essentials:

1. Boycott of Government Service.
2. Boycott of eductional institutions opened by British.
3. Boycott of Law-courts started by British.
4. Boycott of foreign made goods.
5. Refuse to obey and resist the laws and orders which owns conscience abhors

2. The Daily Tribune, Lahore published a news on 27.12.1929 "Pandit Jawar Lal Nehru was riding a horse. It was a beautiful white charger. Behind him were the G.O.C. and other officers of the volunteer corps. The most striking feature was the Sikh Cavalary dressed in white spotless khadi and wearing stylish turbans. The Namdharis with their flowing beards presenting a thrilling sight".

3. Subhash Chandra Bose said that " The banner for freedom given to Indians by Satguru Ram Singh and the sacrifices done by Namdhari Sikhs will be a matter of great pride for the Indians. The Namdhari Sikhs, experienced for three quarters of century for their peaceful non co-operation movement, are expected to carry forward the banner of freedom in the forefront and will encourage sacrifices. Guru Ram Singh is the first leader of the peaceful non co-operation movement in India .

4. Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru had written in the Satyug, "No Indian can deny the importance of efforts put in by Satguru Ram Singh and his followers Namdhari Sikhs seventy five years ago in achieving freedom of the country congress merely followed the path shown by them and attained independence."

5. Shaheed Bhagat Singh "(Guru Ram Singh)
preached Non-cooperation which Mahatma Gandhi did in ` 1920. His non-cooperation movement was better many folds as compared to Mahatma Gandhi. He ordered to boycott the Courts, establish the Panchayats, boycott of British educational institutions, and also boycott of Rail & Postal systems. The political condition of the country was in such shattered conditions that no one could think to challange and boycott British authorities."

6. Encyclopedia of Britannica "Ram Singh, Sikh philosopher and reformer and the first Indian to use Non- cooperation and boycott the British merchandise and services as a political weapon."