History/About Sikhism

 Sikhism is one of the latest most refined and major religions of the world. This religion has its very roots in Punjab, a state in North West India. The Sikh religion was founded over 500 years ago by Satguru Nanak Dev (the true divine master), the first Sikh Satguru, who was succeeded further by other Sikh Satgurus in lineage, in the living concept legendary. The present Satguru (the true Master and the spiritual guide is His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji Maharaj under whose benevolent grace and guidelines the whole Namdhari Sikh Community is prospering, living blissfully and happily and enjoying His divine blessings.

Namdhari Sikhs, pioneers in the Indian Freedom Struggle, a minority in the minority Sikh community, having a population of over 3.5 million spread all over the world are the people who follow the Sikh religion in its true sense and right perspective, practically, as has been enshrined, described and narrated in the Holy Adi Granth.

The Namdhari Sikhs are symbols of India’s spiritualism. Under the masterly benign guidance of the present His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji Maharaj (the true Master), Namdhari Sikhs are growing at large in prosperity and strength, morally and ethically. Sri Satguru Ji is always on the move to keep personal touch with the expanding community of Satguru Ram Singh Ji’s (the 12th incarnation of Satguru Nanak Dev) spiritual kingdom throughout the world.

The present True Master His Holiness preaches, “true religious are those who are gifted with the divine qualities while those who lack these waste their time by entering into disadvantageous and futile altercations, are nothing but irreligious.” The Namdhari Sikhs over whom the magnetic Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji, the present Supreme Spiritual Head of Namdhari Sikhs, cast His radiance, is not just a sect or religion, it is a way of just realistic life, to create, truly free and peaceful society of free and peaceful people in the service of the mankind rather the living beings, the world over.

      It will not be out of the way to mention here that Namdhari Sikhs are strict vegetarians, teetotalers, and non-smokers and maintain the essential tenets of Sikhism in true sense of its originality & sanctity. 

A true Namdhari Sikh believes and practices in some of the following Sikh beliefs:

  1. Believes in the Universal spiritualistic Philosophy of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
  2. Believes in one Almighty God for entire humanity and living being (world creatures), all religions and the whole universe.
  3. Stresses the significance of righteous living, honest earning and sharing with poor and needy.
  4. Preaches that one should remember Almighty God at all times.
  5. Preaches universal love and brotherhood.
  6. Preaches against inequalities and inequities amongst human beings, which are based on race, religion, color or sex.
  7. Namdhari Sikh Religion teaches one should be radiant with sweetness, love and humility.
  8. Namdhari Sikh Religion denounces superstitions and blind observance of traditional customs, rites and rituals.
  9. Namdhari Sikh Religion teaches never to harm and/or destroy the living being or the world creatures in any way or form.
  10. Namdhari Sikh Religion teaches to follow the commandments and tenets as has been enshrined described and narrated in the Holy Adi Guru Granth.

    Article is written by B.S. Bhurji.